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Eastern Pain Association
Eastern Pain Association


While we are saddened about the American Pain Society ceasing its operations, the Eastern Pain Association is independent of APS, interdisciplinary, here to stay and welcomes Eastern APS members with an offer of free membership for 12 months.


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2019 EPA Spring Meeting now in the Archives...
Save the date for Eastern Pain Association Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 5, 2019, NYU Langone, NYC

Highlights from our 2018 Annual Meeting

passing the gavel 2018



Congratulations to the Top 3 Poster Abstracts for 2018:

First Place:
Analysis of an Inter-Professional, Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Pain Management
Barker C., Sultan D, Koh WY, Hull S, Cao L

Second Place:
Evaluation of Using the Sphygmomanometer Test to Assess Pain Sensitivity in Chronic Pain Patients vs. Normal Controls
Butler S., Nguyen L, Hull S, Cao L

Third Place:
Novel Two-Needle Aspiration Technique for Treatment of Epidural Synovial Cyst
Amen C, Cassano J, Lascarides P

Thank You 2019 ExhIbitors/Sponsors


Thank You to Our Sustaining Members
Sustaining Members pay a one-time fee of $1,499.00 and never have to pay dues again.

Charles Argoff MD
Jonathan Avery MD
Yu Chiu DO
Robert H Dworkin PhD
Andrew Duarte MD
Christopher Gharibo MD
Robert Griffin MD
Karina Gritsenko MD
Yili Huang DO
Baruch Kim DO
Jung "Phil" Kim MD
Meera Kirpekar MD
Vladimir Kramskiy MD
Peter Lascarides DO
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Scott Maddalo MD
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Norman Marcus MD
Alexander Mauskop MD
Neel Mehta MD
John Michalisin Jr MD
Sarah Moore PhD
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Nitin Sekhri MD
Naum Shaparin MD
Ruchi Sharma MD
Sayed E Wahezi MD
Michael Weinberger MD
Lisa Witkin MD

We Acknowledge Our Life Members
Life Members have attained the age of 65 years and have been a Regular Member in good standing of the EPA for at least fifteen (15) years, have applied to and been affirmed by the Membership Committee.

Frank S Caruso PhD
Kathleen M Foley MD
Charles E Inturrisi PhD
Marcus Reidenberg MD
Ada Rogers RN
Charles B Stacy MD
Samuel A Weiss MD
B Berthold Wolff PhD










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